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Teddie Hwang

Since 1999 Teddie Hwang has dedicated herself completely to historical performance, being fascinated by the timbre and vocal qualities of the traverso. Born in Hong Kong, she has studied with Wilbert Hazelzet and received her Master's Degree in Historical Flute Performance at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag, Netherlands. In addition she holds a Bachelor Degree in Music and Germanic Studies from Indiana University, where she studied modern flute with Kathryn Lukas and graduated with high distinction. The first-prize winner of the 2004 Baroque Flute Artist Competition held by the National Flute Association of America, she has also adjudicated for the 2006 Baroque Flute Masterclass Competition. She takes her inspirations from songs of turtledoves and blackbirds.

(Photo credit: Ola Renska)

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